ISO certification (eg ISO 9001: 2015) has a number of benefits. With us you can get the fastest, most complete and accurate information, including indicative prices and deadlines.

Briefly about ISO (ISO) certification
  • Certification ensures improved efficiency, eliminates potential risks and contributes to the sustainable development of the organization.
  • The certificate is a competitive advantage that builds the company image and creates more serious trust in your company.
  • The presence of an internationally recognized certificate is a requirement in a number of tenders and public procurements.

Certification is the process of assessing an organization against international standards ISO (ISO is an abbreviation of the International Organization for Standardization) and specifications by an independent accredited body.

The point is to assess whether the company has a working management mechanism through which to achieve its goals and ensure to its customers, that it is a reliable partner.

The main principles of ISO certification are competence and impartiality.

Upon positive initial assessment (audit), the organization receives an internationally recognized ISO certificate valid for 3 years and is subject to surveillance for the period of validity of the certificate.

When your company achieves approval according to a standard, for example ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, you acquire the status of a Certified Organization and together with the certificate you receive the right to use our Certification Symbol.

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    Content of the activities in the certification cycle:

    Creation of the management system documentation, system implementation, internal audit and management review

    You are sending an Order for Certification – Sending the request is not binding

    Based on the request, AQ Cert sends a contract offer with specific price terms

    After signing a contract, audit dates are planned and agreed

    Review of the documentation of the relevant management system and verification of the level of readiness to conduct a Stage 2 audit. The report from this Stage may contain findings requiring the elimination of deficiencies before conducting an audit of Stage 2

    Assessment of the introduction and the efficiency of the Management System. During the audit information and evidences must be collected in conformity with all requirements of the standard applicable to the Management System and the statutory and other external requirements related to the applied field of the System.

    Based on the results of the audit, a certification decision is made Issuance and delivery of an ISO Certificate

    Issuance and delivery of a Certificate with a validity period of three years

    Assesses whether or not the Management System of the certified organization can continue to exist in conformity with the requirements for certification
    Assesses whether or not the Management System of the certified organization can continue to exist in conformity with the requirements for certification

    During the third year of validity of the certificate, a Request for renewal of the certification is sent and a contract for a new three-year period is signed.

    Evaluation of the efficiency of the system in its entirety and continuous adequacy and implementation in the field of application for which it is certified, as well as its continuous improvement in order to increase the achievements of the organization