The recertification or renewal of certification for a new three-year period includes the conclusion of a new contract. The volume of the renewal audit is usually smaller than that of the initial certification and this leads to a reduction in prices.


If you are not satisfied with the approach or prices of your current certification body, you can simply transfer your certification to us.

This is a free process that can save you a lot of money today!

The transfer of certification is the recognition of a valid certificate issued by another management system certification body, and on the basis of this recognition AQ Cert issues a new certificate.

AQ Cert transfers a certification only if the previous certificate has been issued under accreditation as part of an EA MLA or IAF MLA. If you are not sure whether your certificate meets these requirements, contact us and we will answer you. Organizations holding certificates that are not covered by such accreditation go through an initial certification procedure.

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    Site visit
    • Once you submit your transfer request, our qualified auditor will visit you on site, which is completely free.

    • The purpose of the visit is for the auditor to confirm that there are no outstanding discrepancies and to complete a transfer report. If there are uncovered discrepancies, the auditor considers whether to appoint an audit.
    • After the transfer, the schedule of surveillance audits is maintained and the next surveillance audit (or renewal audit) is paid at the prices of AQ Cert to AQ Cert and is performed by our auditors.

    Transfer may take place at any time during the surveillance period.

    Sending a transfer request does not entail any obligations for your country and is absolutely confidential!