Road traffic safety (RTS) management
The main groups of activities related to road safety, according to ISO 39001:2012
  • transport of passengers by public transport; taxi transport; random transport, etc.
  • transport of goods – dangerous and non-dangerous goods; waste and waste materials
  • distribution of goods
  • logistics – management of transport services
  • postal and courier activities (postal and courier services, such as collection, transport and delivery of letters and items according to various agreements)
  • providing transport services to and from places controlled or influenced by the organization, such as supermarkets, schools and places with many visitors
  • generating traffic to frequently visited places;
  • conducting traffic-generating events
  • renting and leasing of cars and other vehicles
  • transport for emergency medical care
RTS in the design and manufacture / maintenance and repair of vehicles manufacture of motor vehicles and motorcycles

  • design and construction of roads and traffic organization (incl. railway crossings)
  • activities supporting the transport of passengers and goods, such as the operation of transport infrastructure
  • operation, construction and maintenance of all transport facilities, incl. preparation of construction sites for construction
  • production and maintenance of vehicles and motorcycles and all their parts and components
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