Certification prices are divided into 3 annual installments for each of the three years of the certificate’s validity:

  • Price for initial certification / recertification
  • Surveillance after the first year
  • Surveillance after the second year

The prices depend mainly on the chosen standards, the branch of the company and the number of the personel.

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    What should you look for when comparing offers and contracts?
    • The most important thing! What is the accreditation under which the certification service is offered? In general, when certificates is required by business partner, governmental entity or a EU programme, it is taken for granted, that they are accreditated under EA MLA / IAF MLA. Certificates that are with no accreditation, or are under “free/voluntary” (i.e. fake) accredtitation are not acceptable.
    • Are travel expenses included and if not, what will they be?
    • Are there additional fees beyond the base price?
    • Are there any penalties and other clauses that harm you?
    What do not include certification prices
    • Certification prices do not include the preparation for certification, or in other words, the certification preparation consulting service, which almost always precedes the certification itself.
    • No certification organization has the right to prepare (including the construction, implementation or internal audit of the management system) of a client and then certify it, because it would compromise the certificate.
    • No certification body has the right to oblige its clients to work with a specific consulting firm for the same reason.