We at AQ Cert definitely believe that cooperation, honesty and openness are at the heart of the sustainable development of any begining. It is an honor and a pleasure for us to perceive all entities involved in the certification processes, as well as all our contractors, as our partners.

We consider the EA BAS to be a partner. Annual accreditation assessments help us not only to ensure that we comply with all applicable accreditation requirements, but also to have better feedback on whether we are going effectively enough on the path to continuous improvement.

We consider as partners all Bulgarian and foreign certification bodies with which we have established relations. Guided by the understanding that the principles of professionalism are above commercial goals, in order to raise the quality of certification services and thus help increase the requirements of customers to certification bodies, like our partners on a voluntary basis like we cooperate with mutual information, joint participation in trainings and other public events for the benefit of the clients.

We consider as partners all consultants who contribute to the clients to have better functioning and more effective management systems in order to be able to achieve their goals to a greater extent and thus contribute to the development of society.

We consider all our suppliers as partners. We know that just as we want to be able to rely on them, they must be able to rely on us. That is why we build long-term partnerships oriented towards mutual development.

Above all, we consider our customers as partners. Customers make sense of the existence of every business venture and every company exists for the sake of its customers. We are constantly striving to provide better service to our customers. We highly value the feedback and are proactively looking for new directions of development that will bring greater added value to our customers.

Thank you for being here!

We wish health and success to all!

The AQ Cert team